A forager’s guide to the brilliant vintage and charity shops of Bexhill

The bus on top of Bexhill's famous De a Warr Pavilion

Bexhill is justly famous for the De La Warr Pavilion, which currently has a coach hanging off its roof in homage to The Italian Job, and teetering alarmingly in the slightest breeze.

The DLW is great, but Bexhill ought also to be regarded for its amazing array of charity and vintage shops. There are almost 20 of them, and they make Bexhill a great place for foraging, and finding classic clothes, ornaments, homewares, rare books and other discarded gems.

Shirts at Maud's

Our latest forage turned up a vintage red coffee grinder for £4, a sixties chrome-bar fruit bowl for £2.10, an 80s knitting book which included the pattern for Princess Diana’s black sheep sweater, and two dinky little Japanese porcelain tea cups.

So how about a guide to Bexhill as a vintage bargain hunter’s paradise?

Well, the thing about charity shops is that, on one day, one has something wonderful in it, but on the next it doesn’t. On one forage you might find a dozen wonderful purchases, on the next you see nothing to inspire you. The uncertainty of success is part of the joy and frustration of foraging.

So the best we can do is give a run-down on where the vintage charity shops are, and suggest a route around them that happens to take in Bexhill’s best ice cream shop, di Paulo’s, (“the finest ice cream outside Florence” according to one Tirp Advisor reviewer) and the De La Warr, which has a great cafe with balcony tables overlooking the sea.

A forager’s circuit of Bexhill

Bexhill town centre map

So here’s a suggested circuit, starting in the east, with Sea Road (the B2182 in the map above) running inland from the seafront, then west into St Leonard’s Road, doglegging across into Western Road, heading south back to the seafront down Sackville Road, then west along Marina before turning north again up Devonshire Road.

Sea Road

Nos 50-52: Sweetpeas and Doris

We kick off with a vintage shop specialise in French flea market stuff.

St Leonards Road

No 33: Alzheimer’s Research

This vintage red coffee grinder came from here.

A lovely find: vintage red coffee grinder

No 27: Hastings and Rother Association for the Blind

The Princess Di knitting pattern and the japanese tea cups were foraged here.

No 26: East Sussex Age UK

No 22: Mauds Emporium 

Maud's Emporium Bexhill

Maud’s is Bexhill’s best vintage shop. A great range of period clothes from dresses to shirts to furs and vintage household items including these telephones:

Vintage phones in Maud's


No 17: Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary

Good for vintage clothes

Western Road

No 2a: Cancer Research

No 10: Oxfam

No 16: RSPCA 

No 35: Ufosa

No 44: Age UK 

Devonshire Road

No 79: St Michael’s Hospice

It’s the big shop on the seafront corner, and where we found this fruit bowl (fruit blogger’s own):Fruit bowl from St Michael's Hospice shop

No 77: Mind

No 50: YMCA

No 47: Cancer Research

No 39: Save the Children

No 27: British Heart Foundation

That’s it, happy foraging!