Important info

Honesty is the best policy. The only surprises we want you to have when you arrive are pleasant ones, so as a refreshing change from most holiday property websites, we offer complete, open, and honest information including the good, the bad, and the sandy .

Visitors with diverse abilities are encouraged to read our ACCESS STATEMENT by clicking here. Should you book but then cancel your holiday, you can find our cancellation policy detailed here.

2014 is Dunescape’s seventh season, and the third for owners Andy and Elena. One of the many wonderful things about Dunescape is that many guests return time and time again. We have learned from them, and  strive to make Dunescape  the perfect beach-side holiday home.

To find out why people come back time and again, you only need look at our visitors’ book

Anyhow, on with the important information:

Well-behaved dogs are welcome, but must not be allowed into bedrooms or on to furniture. If you break these rules you will forfeit part of your security bond to cover additional cleaning costs and to make good any damage.

Dunescape is a strictly non-smoking property. Smoke in the house and we are afraid you will lose your security bond.

While Dunescape is right next to the beach and you can hear the sea,
you cannot see the sea due to the height of the adjacent sand dunes.

There is parking for one car on the drive. There are visitor spaces, for which we provide one parking permit, available on a first-come basis.

There is a minor road between the development of which Dunescape forms
part and the sand dunes. This road accesses the smaller of Camber’s
beach car parks and a few houses. It is a no-through-road and normally
very quiet, but gets busier at peak times on Saturdays/Sundays/Bank
Holidays in high season when the weather is good.

Towels are provided for use within the house only,
please do not take them to the beach or use them to lie on outside. We
don’t provide beach towels but they are for sale locally.

…and finally, there is no getting away from the fact that you WILL
get sand in places you never thought possible… Welcome to Camber

An eco-holiday home: the pros and cons of going green

Feedback we have received tells us that our guests enjoy the experience
of staying in a brand new eco-home. However, it’s best to
warn you that certain small sacrifices may have to be made in order to
keep the carbon count down.


PROS: Taking heat from the ground by means of 100m deep rods, this
method of heating requires only one unit of energy (electricity) input
for every four units of energy output. For maximum efficiency, the
water in the pipes is heated to a temperature inversely proportional to
the outside temperature. Underfloor heating pipes do away with the need
for ugly radiators.

CONS: It can take 24 hours to achieve target temperature, and on days
that hover around the 16 degree mark it is uneconomical for the heating
to kick in. With this in mind, electric heaters are supplied to take
the chill off should you wish to use them.


PROS: Soaks up rainwater, helps prevent excessive run-off and pressure
on the drainage system, insulates the property, and minimises the
visual impact of the development from the sand dunes.

CONS: Seagulls love it, and can be noisy at times. But then, this is the seaside!


PROS: Supplies up to 60% of the hot water we need, saving a huge amount
of electricity and carbon emissions. The tank capacity is a whopping
260 litres.

CONS: During days of ‘low solar yield’, which is technical speak for
cloudy weather, the system depends on an electric immersion heater
which heats only the top 76 litres of water in the tank. There’s a good
reason for this. This way, the water in the lower part of the tank is
at least heated up to a lukewarm temperature by even the slightest hint
of solar yield, and as this rises up to the top of the tank as hot
water is drawn off, the immersion heater has to work a lot less hard to
heat this up to a hot temperature. On cloudy days, or mornings
following cloudy days, it might be best to stagger showers and baths.
The immersion heater takes about an hour to heat its 76 litres.
Naturally, we would encourage a shower as opposed to a bath, but
sometimes there is nothing like a good long soak, is there?


PROS: Reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions. It works very
well with Dunescape’s fresh, white decor.

CONS: You cannot dim most of the lights, so we provide a variety of uplighters
and table lights to suit your mood.


PROS: In order for this new development to blend in with the adjacent
sand dunes, the garden is planted with native, naturally-occurring
plants suitable for sand dunes. Paths are made from shingle designed to
allow the grass to grow through to give a flowing, natural effect.

CONS: Not so great for playing football. But that’s what the beach is

Any further questions? Please do send us an email and we’ll reply pronto.