Access statement


Dunescape is a contemporary self-catering property adjacent to the
beach and sand dunes at Camber, near Rye, East Sussex.

The property was built in 2007 to the latest building standards. It is
a ‘townhouse’ style property arranged over three main levels with stairs

Dunescape is not suitable for wheelchair users or people who have
difficulty climbing stairs.


By train

Nearest station is Rye, 3 miles away. Trains serving this station have
audio visual information displays, and accommodation for wheelchair
users. Rye station has ramp access available to both platforms.

From the station a taxi is recommended.

By Bus

Camber is served by an hourly bus service. Buses are generally
double-decker with priority seating available but they do not have
ramped access. The driver will, upon request, let you know when the bus
reaches Pontins Holiday Centre, which is the nearest bus stop to
Dunescape. From the bus stop it is a 100 yard walk, and in parts there
is no pavement although the road is quiet.

By Car

There is one parking space available directly outside the front door. Additional parking is on a first-come basis in the development’s private car park, approx 20 yards from Dunescape’s front door. We provide one parking permit.


To the front of the property, the driveway is even and paved.

The front door is within a sheltered porch way which represents a
‘dogleg’. Porch area is well lit, with a motion-sensor operated light. The front door is 93cm wide and
opens inwards towards the house. There is a 6cm high threshold at the
front door. The space directly inside the front door is 1m32 x 97cm in
area and is carpeted with coconut matting. There is a door from this
area leading to the utility/games room on the ground floor which is 75cm wide and
has a 16 cm high step.

In the utility room are a front-loading washing machine, a tumble drier and under-counter freezer. The third bedroom/den is off the utility room.

Access to the main living accommodation involves climbing 14 stairs. Stairs
are wooden, sturdy, 19cm high each stair, and the stairwell has one
handrail on the right hand side going up. Stairwell is min 92cm wide.
The handrail is longitudinal in design and is attached to the wall
along its entire length. The handrail is painted white and mounted on a
white wall. It may not be gripped fully by a closed hand.

Rear of the property

To the rear of the property is the communal ‘Dunescape’ style garden
which gives the property its name. Informal in nature, paths are made
from shingle and weave indirectly around clumps of marram grass. The
surface is very uneven and the garden is not lit, to prevent light
pollution spoiling the enjoyment of evening skies.

On the ground floor, which is accessible from the third bedroom, is
a covered patio area which is paved. Access to the patio is also available from the first floor of the house, via the decking and run of nine steps leading to uneven
ground and shingle.

External access to the first-floor deck, which may also be accessed from the living room, is via a wooden stairway which is shared with the neighbouring property.
Access to the stairway is via uneven ground. The stairway is 144cm wide
and features rails on both sides. There are nine stairs of 18cm in
height. At the top of the stairway, there is a clear width of 84cm to
access Dunescape’s deck. There is a low wall protruding from the house
that is 28cm high and may present a trip hazard. There are plants in
planters on the deck.

Surface area of the deck is wooden decking with a grooved surface for
grip. There are gaps between the lengths of decking. Furniture is
lightweight garden furniture which may bestacked for extra space,
but is not suitable to be used as support when sitting down or getting

Around the deck is a balustrade which is 115cm high. Perspex sheets
prevent climbing the balustrades.

Entry into the living room is via french windows, which may be opened
up to give a clear area of 175cm in width with a 10cm high step.


The quickest and most direct way to the beach is to climb the sand
dunes opposite the development. These are approximately three storeys
high and by their nature are very uneven underfoot.

Level access to the beach is available about 100 yards away via the
beach car park. There is a tarmac footpath to this access but it can be
slightly grown over by shrubs from the adjacent dunes.


Lighting throughout the property is either CFL or LED low-energy type,
and all rooms and passageways may be lit to a bright standard.

First Floor

Flooring is smooth oak-faced wooden flooring. Door into the living room
is 75cm wide.

The seating area of the sofa is 43cm high off the ground. There are two
easy chairs which are not secured and should not be leaned upon when
sitting down or getting up.

Dining table is 76cm high. Measurement from the floor to the lowest
point of the table is 63cm. The table has legs at each corner and low
cross members at the shorter ends. There is free space around the table
on three or four sides, depending on how you wish to set out the room.
There are five freestanding dining chairs available, all with padded
seats and no arms.

There is one accessible double socket next to the dining table that is
46cm high and is not obstructed by furniture.

Ceiling height glass french doors lead out to the deck. White decals
are applied to the glass to aid visuality. Blinds are provided but need
to be operated carefully and pulled straight down. Pulling down the
blinds requires reaching up to the top of the window 205cm high and
bending down to the ground at each of the four windows. There are also
voiles that may be drawn if required.


Off the living room is the kitchen.

Microwave oven is 153cm from the floor.

Work surfaces, electric hob, and sink are 90cm high.

Oven/Grill unit door handle is 70cm from the floor and opens downwards
to 30cm from the floor (height of base of oven unit)

Fridge is under the counter, the lowest shelf being 30cm from the
floor. Freezer compartment is 67cm from the floor.

Dishwasher is provided, under the counter and of similar dimensions to
the fridge.

Crockery and glassware are kept on shelves of an open dresser between
136 and 183 cm high. These may be moved to a lower cupboard if
requested when booking. A 30cm high portable step is provided.

From the first floor, a flight of seven stairs leads to the mezzanine
level. These stairs are wooden, solid, 95cm wide and each step is 19cm
high. There is one handrail on a banister on the left side going up.

Mezzanine level

There are two rooms on this level: Main bathroom, and second bedroom.

Landing flooring is smooth wood.

Door to the bathroom is 75cm wide.

In the bathroom, flooring is non-slip rubber. There are no handles in
the bathroom, and there are no handles on or around the bath.

Pedestal washbasin is 86cm high with single lever tap.

Height of the lavatory is 40cm. It is adjacent to the bath, which is
53cm high and the edge may be used for a modicum of stability.

Over the bath is a shower which is on a hose and may be removed from
its hook on the wall. Shower hook is 175cm high, and tap is a single

Door to bedroom two is 75cm wide.

Bedroom two features a single bed and a day bed. It is carpeted in
oatmeal-coloured short pile wool carpet.

The single bed is 42cm high and has a lamp adjacent to it. This is
switched under the lampholder which may prove difficult to operate.

The day bed is 61cm high as a single bed, and 46cm high as a double
bed. Floorspace is extremely limited when the daybed is used as a
double, and for this reason we recommend a maximum of two adults in
this room (or three children).

Bedding is normally white, but blue (children’s) bedding may be
requested to provide better contrast against the white walls and light

There are electrical sockets near both beds if required for medical

This room features black-out blinds operated by a chord. High-level
hooks are provided to keep the chords out of reach of small children.

A glass door (66cm wide) leads out on to a drum balcony which may be
kept locked if required. Decals and frosting aid the door’s visuality.
The drum balcony is only large enough to open the door, and the balcony
wall is 105cm high.

From the mezzanine level, a set of seven stairs leads up to the second

floor. These stairs are 19cm high and 95cm wide. There is a white
handrail on a banister on the left hand side of the stairway going up.
Natural daylight illuminates the area during the day.

Second floor

At the head of the stairs is a landing with a smooth wooden floor.

Door to bedroom one is 75cm wide.

Bedroom one is carpeted with oatmeal coloured short-pile wool carpet.
Floor space around the bed is generous.

The king-sized bed features a posturepaedic mattress, and is 62cm high.
The bed frame itself is extremely solid and may be used as support when
sitting down and standing up.

Bedding is generally white organic cotton, but a blue duvet cover and
blue pillowcases in polycotton may be requested for greater contrast
against the white walls.

There are bedside tables on both sides of the bed, each featuring a
lamp controlled by an easy-to-locate and easy-to-use switch on the
electrical chord. There are electrical sockets on both sides of the

Ceiling height glass french doors lead out to the balcony. Blinds are
provided but need to be operated carefully and pulled straight down.
Pulling down the blinds requires reaching up to the top of the window
205cm high and bending down to the ground at each of the four windows.
There are also voiles that may be drawn if required.

The balcony floor surface is grooved wooden decking. There are small
gaps between the planks. The guard rail is 115cm high, and perspex
sheeting prevents the slats from being climbed upon.

Off the bedroom is the ensuite shower room.

Flooring in the shower room is non-slip rubber.

The shower cubicle is 94cm x 66cm with an inward-opening bi-fold door,
and requires stepping up 29cm. The shower head is attached to the wall
and may not be removed. Two rotary taps control the water: one controls
the flow, one controls the temperature. Temperature control may be
locked at 38 degrees for safety.

WC is 38cm high.

Washbasin is 84cm high featuring a single lever tap.

There are no handrails in the ensuite shower room.

Further notes

There is a landline telephone available at the property.

Nearest A&E department is at Conquest Hospital, Hastings, approx 15
miles away.